EANN Working Groups

In 2016 the EANN working groups were developed in order to better connect members of the committee to work on shared goals. The aim of the working groups are to represent the EANN on international projects and work collaboratively towards established goals. Each working group has an action plan that is reviewed annually and discussed through skype meetings throughout the year. More information about the individual groups work, their members and what they feel are the positive attributes of their groups are detailed below.

What is positive about your working group?

Research Group

  • We believe we can learn a lot from each other
  • We feel that by combining our different experiences, we can solve common problems
  • We feel that thisgroup’s stability will lead to good results over time; we began together and we will finish together
  • We believe the sympathy within the group makes it easier to cooperate
  • We feel that the different competencies we have aregood for the group
  • We feel this group makes us realise how important international cooperation is for every nation

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Education Group

  • We feel that we are clear about the objectives of the group
  • We believe we communicate effectively
  • When we agree to a task, we do it
  • We feel we support each other well
  • We have already achieved outputs
  • We believe that being a small group with a joint language helps us to be effective
  • We feel we have made an effort to get to know each other

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Clinical Group

  • We feel we have a good opportunity to share best practice and find effective practice
  • We feel we have an opportunity to make changing practice or instigating best practice more real for clinical “shop-floor” staff
  • We feel we can provide a framework for conducting European audit
  • We feel benchmarking is not difficult; it is ground and allows nurses to feel the can contribute to care

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Fundraising/Marketing Group

  • We believein our group that each task we take on can be positively solved•We believee can create a communication platform so that each and every one of us will be aware of what we are doing and supposed to do.
  • We believe that there is a lot of positive energyfor the futurein our group
  • We think that in the future we will connect easier and better for knowing each otherbetter
  • We believethat the members of this group will greatly contribute to EANN fundraising

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