EANN Board members aspire to:


  • Make a valued, informed positive impact on neuroscience care
  • Collectively support each other in the mutual endeavours of the association, member countries and members
  • Seek to establish neuroscience nursing as a recognised speciality in Europe
  • Increase EANN’s identity internationally Support
  • Mutually support each other through active listening, sensitive and thoughtful response
  • Learn from and with each other through recognising what each person brings to the organisation


  • Encourage constructive and compassionate freedom of speech in order to recognise and value others
  • Engage in open and honest collaboration that is respectful of and values the diversity of opinions
  • Seek to understand and value the unique needs of others working in neurosciences


  • Communicate clearly and effectively with each other and neuroscience nurses in Europe through commitment and the use of technology
  • Establish authentic, supportive connections through engaging with one another and getting to know one another
  • Enable EANN members to be able to access the work of EANN easily through the website and social media


  • Effectively and efficient in delivering results to positively impact on neuroscience nursing in Europe
  • Set realistic goals where we collaborative share in delivering for neuroscience nursing in Europe


  • Actively collaborate in innovative ways to address challenges facing neuroscience nurses in Europe

Roles and Responsibilities

pdf icon  Click here to download a PDF document that outlines the Roles and Responsibilities of EANN Board Members.

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