The European Association of Neuroscience Nurses

EANN is an organisation that aims to promote high standards of neuroscience patient care and continuing professional neuroscience education with more than 2500 members from  19 countries throughout Europe. Opportunities are provided by the EANN for European neuroscience nurses to meet together to discuss relevant issues within the specialist field of neurosciences and through supporting the exchange of information between neuroscience nurses across Europe.

The EANN actively supports competence-orientated education and life-long learning to enhance and improve European neuroscience nurses' knowledge and competence.

How do we achieve these goals?

  • Through collaborative international working through annual meetings and Quadrennial Conferences across Europe
  • Having active working groups that focus of innovation in Neuroscience Nurse Education, Research and Clinical Guidelines
  • Supporting member Nations in the development of own conferences and Nursing Associations
  • Contributing to, evaluating and disseminating evidence based practice from across the International Community

Through being a member of a National Neuroscience Nurse Association (that is part of EANN) you will receive automatic membership, please see associated page for further information or contact us.


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