Neuroscience courses

Neuroscience care

Level 6 30 credits

Learning outcomes:

  1. Integrate knowledge and understanding of pathophysiology associated with neurological dysfunction into discussion of care.
  2. Critically evaluate and demonstrate understanding of the physical and psychosocial signs and symptoms related to neurological dysfunction.
  3. Reflect upon current clinical practice and critically evaluate and appraise the evidence that underpins effective care delivery.


Neuroscience management and care

L7 30 credits

Learning outcomes:

  1. Show a systematic understanding of and integrate evidence based knowledge of altered physiology related to a patient who has experienced neurological dysfunction.
  2. Critically appraise the evidence that underpins interventions for the management of patients with neurological conditions demonstrating critical analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of these therapies.
  3. Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the professional, ethical and legal aspects of the decision making process for care management, and the effects upon patients with neurological conditions, their families and carers.
  4. Critically evaluate the effectiveness of care provision for a patient who has a neurological condition.

Both modules include 12 weeks taught content run at the University Hospital Birmingham, Queen Elizabeth Site.

Contact details: Ruth Trout

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